Not only do we have Michael Canadas and David Robinson from the world famous Carmel Doll Shop as our special guests at our Gala Dinner, we also have a number of wonderful seminars planned over the weekend with a fabulous line up of speakers: Samy Odin, Margaret Kinkaid, Ann Coleman, Olivia Bristol as part of a special Doll Club of Great Britain event on Saturday afternoon; Rachel Hoffman, Rebekah Kaufman and Caroline Schwarz on Sunday during the show. To book, please click on the relevant boxes.

SATURDAY 17th November (afternoon)  

As part of the weekend, the Doll Club of Great Britain is hosting a special “open event” at St Mary Abbotts Centre, Vicarage Gate, Kensington, London W8 4HN (very close to Kensington Town Hall). As well as a choice of 2 out of 4 seminars, attendees will be able to see two displays – one on World War I dolls and toys and one on the history of the club. A lovely English Cream Tea will be provided half way through the afternoon and a quality raffle will take place just before the close. The club is very excited about the event and is looking forward to giving you a warm welcome. The Seminars are:

Samy Odin: “Francois Gaultier, the most prolific French doll head maker of the 19th Century”                                          

Ann Coleman:  “Miserable Mysteries in Dolldom – a look at some solved and unsolved cases”                          

Margaret Kinkaid: “The Furnishings of a Doll’s Life”                                                                                                                       

Olivia Bristol:  “200 Years of Dolls House Dolls”                                                                                                                           

You may choose 1 out of the 4 combinations of speakers from those listed below. The plan for the afternoon is as follows:

13.30    Welcome

Seminars are 13.45 and 15.45

Please choose one from : Samy then Margaret  OR  Samy then Olivia

                    OR  Ann then Margaret  OR  Ann then Olivia              

14.45  Afternoon cream tea plus the opportunity to see the two DCGB displays       

16.45 Raffle 17.00 Close 

The whole DCGB event on the Saturday costs £35 (£25 for DCGB members)

SATURDAY 17th November (EVENING)

Michael Canadas with David Robinson will be entertaining us at our Gala Dinner with Rachel Hoffman and "This and That" please book in the Dinner section

SUNDAY 18th NOVEMBER                                                                 

Seminars on Sunday are at Kensington Town Hall (the same venue as our fair). Details are:

12 noon. Jena Pang

The Jena Pang Collection

A talk by internationally known bear collector Jena Pang about his experience of bear collecting vintage and modern branded and artist teddy bears.

13.00 Rebekah Kaufman and Caroline Schwarz " 

The history of FAO Schwarz (the man) as well as the history of the store and toys in America through 1950."

14.00 Rachel Hoffman "The Dazzling Dolls of the Grovian" 

Rachel will also be chatting to you all throughout the day at your stands

We are delighted to welcome all our special guests. What a treat!